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The Misses Ambitious Podcast

Jan 30, 2018

Elizabeth has gone from part-time to full time since we began recording this podcast, and because she's one of our original listeners, we have connected with her and watched her grow. We cheered her on the day she made the announcement! We talk with Elizabeth in this episode about what that transition was like, how she...

Jan 26, 2018

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The post-holiday crash can be REAL, and it can hit you hard. Avoid feeling the funk and letting it take you over by hearing what we do to combat the feelings of comparison, sluggishness, and...

Jan 23, 2018

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Today, Blaine and Kiley discuss when and why they quit consuming so much information from various sources, and why they choose just a couple sources to pull inspiration from. How could your...

Jan 19, 2018

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In this episode, we discuss what we each learned from our interview with Tanner Hobbs, which includes: social media isn't the problem, WE ARE, as well as how important it is...

Jan 16, 2018

Tanner Hobbs (@trainertanner) is a rockstar and treats her clients like they are too. We learned so much from Tanner about why it's important to treat clients and customers well, why Instagram isn't so bad afterall, and generally just sucked all the inspiration we could from this incredible woman!